Care Leaver Legacy

Since Care Leavers are one of the most let down groups within society, I realised that it was important for me to initiate something that would enable other care leavers to reach the higher heights that they have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, not every care leaver has the privilege to be surrounded with a healthy support network and because I have experienced this firsthand, I soon gathered that it was vital for me to create an environment where everyone shared similar stories, values and were all passionate about creating incredible change not only within their communities but within themselves.


From doing research as well as engaging with some of the UK's most amazing charities, I began to take a deeper look at what some of the gaps were and started to evaluate ways where I could maximise them to it's fullest potential. I noticed that although there were some amazing organisations that were assisting care leavers in igniting some impacting changes in their communities, there appeared to be none to my knowledge that acted as the acceleration to ones personal growth which drove holistic change within themselves and only themselves.


I believe that it is important to become the driving force of change that you want to see happen in the world, but I believe that this starts with us first. I wanted there to be a platform that was run by care leavers for care leavers in order to inspire the next generation of care experienced individuals, showing them that nothing truly is impossible. I want them to use their stories as a way of showing others that they can use the most painful and horrific experiences of life and turn it around for their good in order to fulfill their purposes.


I want you to know that being a Care Experienced Person isn't unfortunate, in fact we are very fortunate, we are lucky because we have been chosen as one of the worlds toughest people and have won battles some have only witnessed through movies. We have fought the good fight and have gone through some of the most hardest tribulations that a lot of 40 year old adult haven't even experienced yet. We are absolute champions and it is about time we celebrate ourselves, Introducing care leavers legacy.